New Hope Children’s Home (Orphanage)

A Vision of Hope for Children that are victims of extreme poverty, sexual abuse, and neglect.

New Hope Children’s Home is a Loving home for 12 girls located in the National Capital Region- New Delhi- NCR. It started in 2008 got Registered under section 34 (3) of Juvenile Justice Act 200 of India.

12 girls from the ages of 4-13 joined in 2008 to our New Hope shelter home within 6 month. Since then they are enjoying this New Life of Hope, safety, care and unconditional Love. All the children get admitted in the Main Line (Recognized) School. They have wings to fly high as the other children who have good parents. A qualified staff is always there to take care of their day to day need and activities along with Volunteers who brings refreshing, skills and a whole lot of Love to these girls.


» is to reach out girls at risk by nurturing them as parents

» is to provide them a caring & a loving home so that they discover their true self

» is to give them a NEW HOPE


» Rescuing girls at risk from abused backgrounds, girls on street, forced & fake child marriages ending up in brothels, abandoned & orphans and other disadvantaged girls.

» Counseling & Rehabilitating the rescued girls for almost six months.

» Accepting them and welcoming them in their new home by giving them love & care.

» Assessing the girls to find a suitable placement esp. enrolling them in a Recognised school.

» Providing all their necessary needs which includes their food, shelter, medical, school etc.

» Exposing them to recreational & extracurricular activities like arts & crafts, jewellery making, singing and music etc.

» Encouraging them to find their gifts and talents.

» Exposure to different cultures encouraging them to spend one to one & also in a group quality time.

YES!! You can also play an Important part in parenting these Girls+

1. Financial Support (monthly)

» Meals for a month = Rs. 2000 (per child)

» Educational costs = Rs. 2000 (per child)

» Basic other needs = Rs. 1000 (per child)+

2. Donating goods

Like: Clothes, Shoes, Ration, Stationary, Toiletries, etc.

3. Volunteering your services

(please our volunteer section)

All Indian Donors can make their payments by cheques favoring – “New Hope Charitable Society”

Donations are 50% tax exempted under section 80G (5) (vi) of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961

More Information
For more information on our kids from New Hope Children's Home, please contact the New Hope Office or send us an email at