Two female persons or a couple passionate and committed to live in with the children and for working long term. Single, widows, divorced, without liabilities of their own children are welcomed. Experience in raising children, managing household works, hygiene and education ideal. Completed & passed higher secondary/12th standard or above is highly recommended.


Post graduation is preferred with Social Science, Managements and Psychology. Excellent communicator, behavioral and administrational skills highly recommended.

Fund Raiser:

Graduation in Finance and Marketing with good communication skills. Experience in fundraising minimum of 2 years highly recommended.


Volunteers are welcomed to help at New Hope. Your duties may vary day to day; but your help will be appreciated.

Here are some of the duties:

1. Getting children ready for school.
2. Assistance with breakfast.
3. Making sure school work is completed.
4. Uniform is in proper order.
5. Hygiene is completed.
6. Chores are done in excellence.

Cost of a 3-6 month stay ranges from $1,300-2,600. Prices doesn't include personal shopping and flight.

We are asking for a 3-6 month commitment minimum. 2-3 recommendation is required. First from work/teacher, second from your pastor or friend and last from family.

At arrival you are required to fill out a Child Protection Policy form according to the law.

Secretarial person:

any one wants to serve in the office with file keeping, writing letters, newsletters, computer skills, reporting and good command in English. Experience minimum 2 years. Female with good communication skill is preferred.

Contact Usha Robin for further details:

Contact information
Usha Robin
#1319, Sector 21-D, Faridabad, Haryana, INDIA
Mobile: +91-9899-523-653
Office: +91-129-4107433