1.Individual Sponsors

You can sponsor a child and can involve directly with the growth of your sponsored child. You can correspond and meet with the child also in new hope premises. We will also send you regular update report for your sponsored child.

2. Membership of Society:

you can become a member of New Hope Charitable Society by paying subscription as per Society rules.

3. Gifts on Birthday:

you can celebrate your birthday or your loved ones by sending gift / donation for children in New Hope.

4. Sponsor Events:

you can sponsor events like celebration on Republic Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year & Annual Picnics

5. Sponsoring Individual Home:

you can sponsor a Home consist of 12 children and parents (2 persons) which include Food, Education, Clothes & Toiletries, Medical, Electricity Bill, House Rent and Parents' Salary.

6. Contribute in Kind:

Ration, Note Books, Shoes, Clothes, Bed linen etc (please do not bring torn, rotten or unusable stuff).

Contact Usha Robin for further details:


Office Number: 011-91-129-4107433

Mobile Number: 011-91-9899-523-653