Current Services

New Hope is located in the National Capital Region, thus thousand of migrants comes from all parts of India in search of good jobs and a good education to have a better life.

Since the population of India is so vast and it’s not possible for every one to have their dreams come true, slums are being developed here every day. This results in strife for women and children the most.Problems they encounter include crime, drug addiction, sexual abuse, prostitution, child labors and abandoning children, therefore they end up on the streets begging.

New Hope is passionate to take in the abandon, orphaned, poor, neglected or needy children, and give them a caring, loving and protected home or family.

1. New Hope Children’s Home:

We provide a Loving Family which is restricted to 12 girls and a committed parent. Presently we are running a Home in a rented house providing:

(a) Health needs
(b) Emotional, psychological & spiritual needs
(c) Educational & training needs
(d) Leisure, activity & play
(e) Attachments & healthy relationships
(f) Protection from all kinds of abuse, maltreatment and neglect
(g) Social main-streaming
(h) Follow-up post release and restoration

2. New Hope Women Center: (To Resume Shortly)

New Hope Women Center is a Prevention and Rehabilitation Residential Center for Women.

» Who have been sexually assulted and are facing the problem of re-adjustment in the family or society.
» Those who escape from their homes due to family problems, mental / physical torture and need shelter.
» Those with a sincere desire to seek answers to their emotional, spiritual and physical difficulties and needs.

Activities organized in and by the Center:

» HIV / AIDS Awareness and Orientation programs.
» Teachings to be aware of others' needs.
» Group activities to build self esteem.
» Games, Beauty and Craft lessons.
» Medical Care.
» Moral Teachings.
» Formal Education.
» Individual Counseling.
» Group Discussions.
» Non Formal Education.
» Vocational Training.
» Outings and Picnics.

2. Community Development Programs:

Out Reach: We aim to establish programs to strengthen and encourage children, youth, teachers and parents in slums, villages and schools through teachings, songs and skits.

We involve New Hope Children to make them aware of the needs of others in our society and to give them a platform to sharpen and develop their skills & talents.

3. “Asha Ki Kiran” for Women:

» HIV/AIDS awareness and orientation programs
» Individual counseling
» Addressing issues like hygiene, marital problems, children related issues, First Aid, Time & Finance    Management