Vision and future plans

The vision of New Hope Charitable Society is to have 20 acres of livable farm land. This will sustain 40 homes; 20 for girls and 20 for boys. We will have a school, clinic, compound for workers and food source i.e. Cows for milking, swimming pool, wedding hall in and out doors. Urgent care for phychological trauma and solar power.

Having livable 20 acres of land will allow the children to expand their work skills, from operating businesses to raising cattle. Skills that would break the cycle of poverty. As well as generating a money source to help the children, even building up their security and trust in themself and New Hope.

Here we don't want to turn away children due to space or financial reasons. However to change the minds of young Indian. Ending the cycle of child prostituton, begging, drugs, crime, illiteracy and child marriage.