Mission & Vision

Our Vision
  1. is to reach out girls at risk by nurturing them as parents

  2. is to provide them a caring & a loving home so that they discover their true self

  3. is to give them a NEW HOPE
Our Mission
  1. Rescuing girls at risk from abused backgrounds, girls on street, forced & fake child marriages ending up in brothels, abandoned & orphans and other disadvantaged girls.

  2. Counseling & Rehabilitating the rescued girls for almost six months.

  3. Accepting them and welcoming them in their new home by giving them love & care.

  4. Assessing the girls to find a suitable placement esp. enrolling them in a Recognised school.

  5. Providing all their necessary needs which includes their food, shelter, medical, school etc.

  6. Exposing them to recreational & extracurricular activities like arts & crafts, jewellery making, singing and music etc.

  7. Encouraging them to find their gifts and talents.

  8. Exposure to different cultures encouraging them to spend one to one & also in a group quality time.