New Hope Children come from very Risky Places. Most of them are very very Poor, Live on street, Begging, Sexually, Physically & mentally abused, Rescued from brothel, given in for child marriage and Single Parent’s girl. NEW HOPE GIVES Them a FRESH START with Lots of Love, Fun & Future.
We Believe in Change of the Society by Good Education. Educating a Girl is Educating a Family & further Family to Country. All our Children go to a Main Line School which is an English Medium School and they work very hard to score even 100% marks and even a double promotion.
In summer Uniform Going to School  

Drawing, Art & Craft provided by New Hope Helps the children to express their feelings and to bring out their gift & Talents.

Jewelry making is a skill to give them a future trade and to help support the project.

Painting, Drawing & Craft Jewelry Making by Children  
Nourished and Variety of Food is the need of growing Children.New Hope provides, Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Non Veg, Rice, Pulses, Lentils, Milk, and Egg etc. Every week they have one special meal of their choice. Children are Involve in Making the Menu for themselves.
Healthy & Hygienic Food Filter water, Fresh Vegetables & Fruits  
Outing-&-Picnic Out station Tour to Missouri Jaipur Trip
Birthday celebration for every child Christmas Singing & Play every year Celebration on going to next standard

New Hope Girls spreading the Light, By songs, drama and one on one interaction. Encouraging Children that there is a Hope for everyone. Talked about day-to-day children’s issues.
Some other Activities:- Learning stitching, Music Instrument, Computer & Cooking lessons by volunteers

New Hope Women Center

Non Formal Education is an integral part of Women’s Home. It includes teaching HIV – AIDS, Self worth, Medical care & Hygiene, Moral Education and Inner Healing. It is a year program for sexually abused, Drug Addict, un-wed mothers, force marriage, abandon etc.

Teaching time In the women center Staff with Ladies- rescued from brothel Devotion time
Inmate- Provided driving skill Tailoring & cutting – 1 year prog. Graduating from Bible School
HIV Positive lady of New Hope Mona provided BA, B.Ed, MA, HIV- AIDS Seminar for young women