Volunteer info

Volunteers are welcomed to help at New Hope. Your duties may vary day to day; but your help will be appreciated.

Here are some of the duties:

1. Getting children ready for school.
2. Assistance with breakfast.
3. Making sure school work is completed.
4. Uniform is in proper order.
5. Hygiene is completed.
6. Chores are done in excellence.

Cost ranges from of a program from $230 to $2,600. Prices doesn't include personal shopping, flights and insurance.

There is no minimum time period but you can volunteer for a maximum of 24 weeks. We have laid down some program fee according to the time period.

1 Week 200
2 Weeks 300
3 Weeks 400
4 Weeks 500
5 Weeks 600
6 Weeks 700
8 Weeks 900
10 Weeks 1100
12 Weeks 1300
16 Weeks 1700
20 Weeks 2100
24 Weeks 2600

Please note: All programs attract a Registration Fee of $175 USD on top of the Program Fee. This price range is the most affordable and cheapest in India. The money received against your volunteer period will solely be used for the overall development of the girls at New Hope.

At arrival you are required to fill out a Child Protection Policy form according to the law.