About Us

New Hope Charitable Society seeks the welfare of Women and Children survivors of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness.

We seek this end by meeting our students’ material needs, and offering education, vocational training, counseling, moral education, love, care and acceptance.

We desire that each person who passes through our doors develop self-confidence, life skills, and healing in order to become self-sufficient, active members of society.

Registered in 2005, our organization has accepted more than 100 women and girls, regardless of their caste, religion, or creed. The vast majority successfully re-entered society and were reunited with their families.


Struggling with the after-effects of abuse, neglect, homelessness, begging and broken homes, our children arrive at New Hope frail and in need of physical healing. At the home, they gain access to:

» Nutritious food » Clean water » Clean clothes » A warm bed » A safe place to play » Health care


Although the majority of New Hope’s girls arrive with little educational background, we believe that education is vital for a stable future.

Each child is enrolled at strong local schools or trade schools where they can receive life-skills training.

Our staff members also provide one-on-one tutoring to supplement their education. We are excited to boast that many of our students have placed near the top of their classes. Their success today gives them hope for the future and drive to achieve their full potential.


New Hope’s students arrive broken in spirit and at-risk of addiction and life-controlling problems. We intentionally keep our student-to-staff ratio low (at most 6 students per 1 live-in staff member) in order to maximize personal interaction and provide 24-hour support, mentoring, love and care. Staff members develop creative methods that encourage students to share their past, such as art, creative writing, poetry, prayer and dance.

It is our hope that through their experiences at New Hope, our students will cope with their trauma, and renew their spirits.