Volunteer Feedback

Sula Mita:

It was an amazing time I spent with the beautiful and lovely girls at New Hope in India. They were just fantastic and I loved their company. Each girl was uniquely gifted with something or the other and they made me feel like home among them. I thank Usha for giving me an opportunity to come and spend time with the girls. I would like to be back soon and if I get a chance to send someone, I would prefer it to be New Hope. I am praying for you all, love you!

Simone Angel Turk:

I enjoyed a lot at the New Hope. The girls are really amazing and they shared a lot of love with me. I never felt that I was an odd one there. They all made me feel like home. The food is great. I liked Indian Spicy food. Moreover I liked the hospitality of the New Hope Family as they shared with me whatever they could.

Kristine Headrick:

I arrived at the orphanage on March 9, 2013 in Faridabad, India. I did not know that this adventure would have such a big impact on me and would change my life. The 12 girls greeted me warmly and they were such a joy to be around. Beneath the smiles and hugs were life stories of innocence stolen. Their stories reflect neglect, complete poverty, physical and sexual abuse. I got to know each of the girls over the 2 weeks. The girls are a real treasure and happy to be rescued from their old life into their new life. They take responsibility for cooking their meals, cleaning the house, washing their own clothes, studying extremely hard and worshiping and singing daily. My life has now changed. I want to do all that I can to help the founder of New Hope Orphanage, Usha, and help the twelve girls that I grew to know and love.

Contact information
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